Studio Tour of Circuit Breaker Labs


Ever wonder how I make circuit board jewelry? Take a peek!

All messy cutting and grinding is done in the attic. Because circuit boards are made of layers of fiberglass and metal (tough stuff!), I primarily use the dremel to handle them because it has the power and flexibility to do so. Notice the heavy duty gloves? I’m also wearing special clothing, goggles, and a face mask.

Once the pieces are cut the way I want, I bring them downstairs to my studio. The circuit pieces get placed in bezels and receive 1-2 coats of resin. I use a two part epoxy resin which crosslinks over time, giving me about a 30-45 minute working window before it gets too viscous to work with. The resin needs at least 24 hours to cure, and the longer it sits undisturbed, the harder it gets.

Each piece is finished on my glorious 8-foot long lime green counter top. All findings are organized and pliers are close by to turn my resin cabochons and charms into wearable pieces.

I also have a desk dedicated to shipping Etsy orders. It contains all items I have listed on Etsy like boxes, mailers, bubble wrap, tape, jewelry boxes, labels, and business cards, in order to streamline the process.

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Spring!


And Happy Easter, if that’s your thing. In celebration of all things cheerful and the end of hibernation in Rochester, I present Mayday finds representative of the beauty of spring: flora and fauna.

Work featured from top to bottom right: KiraArts, Bunny Nubbin $10 at Mayday; Heather Bivens, Barn Owl Glass Necklace, $135; Stardust Paperworks, Garden Journals; Sunshine on Water, Elephant Nursery Art, $25; Tanya Zani, Mini Easter Bunny; Vegetabowls, Watermelon Serving Bowl, $60; Cat Clay, Dragonfly Cache Pot, $40.

Fun in San Francisco


The Mister and I took a trip out to San Francisco a few weeks ago. He had a conference in San Jose to go to and I had never been to the west coast, so I had to tag along! We of course went over the golden gate bridge…three times! The first day was gorgeous and sunny, so we were able to see the bay. The second day, we rented bikes and rode all over including stops at Golden Gate park, Ocean Beach, Presidio, and Sausalito. We covered 22 miles! It was foggy and very windy over the bridge, which was an interesting contrast to the previous day.

san fran us

Monday, I was left to my own devices until my 11:30pm flight. So what else should I do besides go to lots of bead stores! This one in particular was really neat. It has two stories but each level is very different. Everything was bedazzled, glitterified, and beaded!

The bottom level has typical stuff like seed beads, crystals, chains, and so on. But instead of picking everything up, they have an inventory system in place. They had me use a clipboard and write quantities and codes for the things I wanted, and then they retrieved them at checkout. I picked up some delicas in odd colors and some really neat vintage glass cabochons (among other things, of course!).

The second floor was like going through a time machine. They have tons of stuff from the 80s and beyond. They have materials for making bead curtains, hundreds of different sequins, lots of odd plastic and glass beads, and a neat selection of metal stampings. They have signs encouraging photographs, so take a look!

beadstore san fran

If you ever find yourself in San Francisco and in need of beads, check out this place. It’s called General Bead, and they’re located at 637 Minna St.

Bugzilla- Bigger than the Beetles!



Bugzilla is an annual Pop Up Roc show – an opening & closing party rolled into one fun night. It celebrates those harbingers of spring: insects!

The wonderful Sabra Wood has coordinated the event which features a number of guest artists that have made pieces that pay homage to those critters that fly, creep & crawl.

It’s Friday, March 7th, from 5 – 9 pm in studio 242 at 1115 E Main Street (Hungerford Building). Come for bugs, fun stuff, and food!

Here’s a peek at the piece I submitted. It’s not a huge shock I went with a cabochon as the centerpiece, given my kick of late!



RNEST Goodies


I’m a member of the Rochester NY Etsy Street Team (RNEST) and we’re an awesome group! It’s awesome to part of an Etsy team that’s local because we can actually meet in person and organize cool events. We have a team BLOG and FACEBOOK page and periodically run fun giveaways, hold contests, blog about neat tutorials, and put on crafting events.

The blog is pretty cool for learning about members, especially if you’re local and looking for some last-minute handmade goodies! This week on the blog you’ll find an interview of KiraArts, who makes some pretty sweet sweater monsters and fun plush.

BrainerySweaterMonsters NubbinSuitcaseBrainery

At it Again


Lately, it seems lazy weekends are the impetus of beadweaving! I have been waiting to use this gorgeous ceramic cabochon I picked up at a bead show years ago. Just today I finally came up with a plan for it, while also discovering that despite my ridiculous collection of delicas, I do not have a single tube or bag containing a dark denim color. I Guess I shouldn’t be too shocked since I tend to work in obnoxious color schemes! I finished this one up in copper and labradorite, which work wonderfully together with the cabochon.

copper blue trianfgle 2 copper blue triangle


While I was at it, I made a few more necklaces using variations of my favorite techniques.

copper turquoise filigree cabachon fuscia rivoli and rings neckalce turquoise bubble necklace


Mayday! Underground Coming Soon


Mayday Underground has a confirmed date and location! It will be Saturday, May 3 in the Village Gate Atrium. The application is out now and will close March 15. I’m pretty excited to get things going; the spring show is a ton of fun! Follow Mayday Underground on Facebook for updates and join the event. Here is a collage of some of the artists present at a past Mayday show.


All the Purple!


I had an inclination to beadweave today! I had forgotten I purchased some gorgeous dyed purple paula shell cabochons. With some help from Lacy’s Stiff Stuff (doesn’t get more descriptive then that!), I bead embroidered and bead wove shades of purple beads to encircle the cabochon. The back piece is just a fancy gunmetal filigree stamping.

purple necklace

It’s Geometric!


I’m usually horribly off-trend, but for some reason I’m strongly drawn to the geometric craze. Polygons, abstracted art, triangles…I seem to love it all. For today, as I sit bundled in layers, handwarmers, and a scarf, I offer you some of my recent (and of course, colorful) favorites.
Clockwise from Left: DIYWallArt, PeanutOAKPrint, RicardoMoody, and SwellPapel

Winter Wonderland


It’s been terribly cold here in Rochester. Windchills have been dropping well below zero, and it’s led to many cozy nights wrapped up in blankets to stay warm. However, it’s also been doing some pretty crazy things to the shore of Lake Ontario. Sand and water combined to create these odd frozen sand balls that have both piled up on shore, making mini mountains and created bitty islands.

1530584_10100740112864925_1883606757_n 1531596_10100740112640375_946521119_o 1601178_10100740112775105_1664198800_n

This is probably one of my favorites; it looks so surreal!